Richard Duncan aka “Ohsh-t” of VH1’s “Black Ink Crew” took to social media on Thursday to get a few things off of his chest about Ceaser after watching the latest episode of the reality TV series.

In case you missed it, the fellas came to blows in the shop and I think it’s pretty safe to say their friendship is over!

Peep the clip below.


But, Richard wants you to know Ceaser ain’t never did shizznit for him!

Read his full post below:

Now- I don’t give a f–k. @ceaserblackink never did sh-t for me. I say this not talking sh-t but speaking facts. TV HAS YOU N—AS BELIEVING A NARRATIVE that is disrespectful to me. Ceaser NEVER paid my child support, Ceaser never bailed me out of jail (I actually didn’t get paid the entire first 2 seasons of filming because I used my check to pay my bail).

Ceaser never gave me a f–king Job out of pity. If anything, I did NOTHING but make this n—a thousands of dollars by being THE ONLY CAST MEMBER who truly worked at black ink. I worked at the Black Ink shops and brought in not only my own clientele but tourists as well. I have been dedicated to ceas shops not because of his vision, but because I love what I do.

TV is NOT MY PASSION.. art is. Could I own my own shop? Yes, I have the money.. it’s not an issue. But I refuse to open a shop just to call myself a “boss”. I appreciate my freedom, my art and the connection I have with my clients. I have built up my TALENT, my life, my health and my f–king bank account by being ME without f–king TV. N—as act like they never made mistakes in life. It’s easy to point at others when they never point back at you??. Ceaser did not “put me on”… a production network did. Realize that for those who do not understand the inner details of TV, it’s way more complicated than you realize. .

Im saying this to say as a man, you can only take so much. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life but I’ve also learned a lot and grown a lot. In the last 2 years I realized that “friends” are people who support your growth. Friends are people you want to see win. A real boss would uplift his employees, not bring them down every f–king chance he is given in a f–king solo interview. In person, I hear crickets…. I’m confused.

I’m grateful to the show for the amazing platform it’s given me, the hundreds of people who have allowed me to put my art on their skin. It’s beautiful. But i refuse to allow this f–ked up narrative to continue. IVE WORKED FOR MYSELF for over a year. I will continue to WORK FOF MYself. You can keep the fake love where it’s at… just keep that same energy in person.

Visit his Instagram page for more. Yikes!

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It may be for the best. Richard and Ceaser have had a toxic friendship for years.

It was funny to see Duchess was right on top of Richard’s post about Ceaser with a hot “Like.” LOL

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