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QUICK QUOTES: NeNe Leakes Wants You To Know….

NeNe Leakes Has A Message For Her Critics


NeNe Leakes Has A Message For Her Critics

NeNe Leakes took to social media on Monday morning to get a few things off of her chest.

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star is sick and tired of the opinions and criticism of others.

She noted that she is targeted because she’s a threat.

Read her post below.

A post shared by NeNe Leakes (@neneleakes) on

People think when you speak your truth, your opinion that you are shady, distasteful, wrong etc. people speak their opinions everyday when they leave a comment in my box which they are entitled too but what amazes me more than anything is when little ole me have an opinion I’m hiring, firing, a bully, on a sabotage campaign, drunk, ugly, fucked up, a liar, mean, something is wrong with me, imma stripper, bipolar, Chile my wig is a mess, i have wronged everybody yet THEY have done NOTHING but be cute, look amazing, classy, the best friend and beautiful! GET THE F**K OUTTA HERE #threat #boss #nowruntelldat #Queen#keepingit1000 #livinginmytruth#donthatetheshine #lifeofnene#isaidwhatisaid #gonnastaywinning#alwaysgonnaeat#alwaysgonnahaveanopinion#when1doorclosesanotheralwaysopens

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