Madonna made headlines this week after she took a nasty fall on stage during her Brit Awards performance.

What had happened was…Madge’s gorgeous Armani cape was tied too tightly so when her backup dancer went to snatch it off…she got snatched too!

VIDEO: Madonna Takes A Nasty Fall During Her Brit Awards Performance – ‘My Cape Was Tied Too Tight!’

After the unfortunate mishap went viral, Madonna took to her Instagram account and told her fans she was fine and nothing could hold her down. But, the Pop icon actually did hurt herself.

During a recent interview on Britain’s “Jonathan Ross Show,” Madonna gave the scoop on what led to her tragic fall and revealed she suffered whiplash and a possible concussion from her unexpected fall.

I’m a creature of habit and I rehearse everything – everything, everything, everything – and I was thrown a wrench at the very beginning of my entrance.

I was told to tie my cape and start much further back than we had rehearsed so because I had to walk so much further, everybody was worried that my cape was going to slide off because it’s quite heavy so they tied it really tight around my neck.

So, here I am marching in like a queen and I got to the top of the stairs and I pulled my silky string and it would not come undone and my two lovely japanese dancers basically strangled me off the stage. I had a choice, I could either be strangled or fall with the cape and I fell.

I didn’t hurt my butt, I hurt my head. I did. I know how to fall, I’ve fallen off my horse many times and I tucked and I have good core strength… but the thing is, I had a little bit of a whiplash and I smacked the back of my head so there was a man standing over me with a flashlight until about 3am making sure that I was still conscious.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Madonna is a true G.

Let’s not forget she’s 56-years-old and a fall like that could have been catastrophic had she not been in great shape.