Keyshia Cole - Frankie Lons

Keyshia Cole Opens Up About Going Broke Trying To Get Her Mother Frankie Clean

It’s no secret, Keyshia Cole‘s fight to get her mother, Frankie Lons, clean hasn’t been easy and at times, it has taken a major toll on her – emotionally and financially.

In a post on her Instagram page, Keyshia praised her Aunt BB, who she says used to run the streets with Frankie, but turned her life around after her son passed.

Keyshia Cole thanked her aunt for continuing the good fight to get Frankie clean especially after all of her efforts fell short.

I would like to send a personal THANK YOU to my aunt, I’ve tried so many times to get my mothers life back on track!!! Even went broke once putting all my money and house up to pay for moms rehab. Nothing has worked on my end. But my aunt has not given up!!!!

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