QUICK QUOTES: Kanye West Says He Would Have Voted For Trump & Tells Black People To Stop Focusing On Racism (Video)

Kanye West Says He Would Have Voted For Trump

Apparently, Kanye West wants to make America great again.

On Thursday night, Kim Kardashian‘s husband shocked concertgoers when he announced he was a low key Donald Trump supporter during his show at the SAP Center in San Jose.

Ye told his fans:

I told y’all I didn’t vote right? But, I didn’t tell you…I guess I told you. But, if I would have voted, I would have voted for Trump.

Watch the clip below.

But, the tomfoolery didn’t end there. Yeezy also told black people to stop focusing on racism.

So, let me get this right. Kanye went from this:


…to becoming a Trump supporter who is telling black folks to stop focusing on racism?

Got it!


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