Jackie Christie has had a pretty rough week after she was dragged to and fro on social media for “neglecting” her estranged daughter, Takari, and grandson, Jaxson, in their time of need.

18-month-old Jaxson was badly burned at his daycare last month. A GoFundMe was set up to assist Takari with the expenses related to his treatment. Matt Barnes and Evelyn Lozada donated $3,000+ to help out.

While responding to one of her critics on social media, Jackie stressed that all of this is “old news.”

She went on to declare, “I’m high profile celebrity with a target on my back.”

?How I feel….✨ your choosing to be hateful childish and just silly you don’t know us or her biz so why not relax fall back and butt out, its obviously got you all the way up in your feelings, I’ve spoken so take it or leave it. but you really should stop focusing on me and mine and go get ready to vote! that’s the bigger topic here…this is 4plus weeks old news, sure you and all of the ones like you know that;) if you really feeling that upset why not go to a peer group meeting and discuss with like minded folks feeling like you,? misinformed spreading bogus propaganda and bandwagon jumping! You know that crab in a bucket type thing k sweetheart, you guys are kind of boring now with this silly ignorant behavior, trying to tear folks down based off your jealousy of their status or who they are its time as a people…we wake the up and break this decades old cycle of preying upon others for self satisfaction and purely to raise ones own self esteem by slandering & lying and spreading vile bs on the net at the end of the day I know that I’m a. High profile Celebrity with a huge Target on my back, at which some people are going to hunt me and try to discredit who and what I stand for but no weapon formed against me Shall Prosper…… JC ??

Alrighty then.

Your thoughts?