Foxy Brown put on her petty pumps over the weekend and tossed a little shade at Lil Kim while defending Nicki Minaj.

In a post on her IG page, Fox Boogie posted a photo of Nicki bowing to Lauryn Hill and stated the Queen of the Barbs does indeed pay homage to “The Greats.”

A video posted by @foxybrown on

??I Laugh When They Say She Never Gives It Up To The “GREATS” Cuz She’s Humbly Bowed To Both #LBOOGIE (My Fav) & #FOXBOOGIE Publicly!?
Maybe Y’all Mad B**ches Just Aren’t Who She Considers “The Bar”➖
(FB Lingo lol?)
*FYI: Nic Knows I’d Never Thro My “WO” On No Collabo Wit Less Than Greatness Tho!??

You may recall, Kimmy’s biggest gripe is she feels Nicki bit her whole style/persona and never paid homage to her for it.

Your thoughts?