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QUICK QUOTES: Erica Mena Says The Media Is Fabricating Lies About Her Arrest

Erica Mena Says The Media Is Fabricating Lies About Her Arrest

Erica Mena took to social media a day after the scoop on her arrest went public to get a few things off of her chest.

The “Love & Hip Hop: NY” to “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” transplant wants the media to “stop fabricating lies” around the circumstances of her arrest.

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Long story short, there may have been a domestic dispute. But, the end result was Erica being arrested for weed and her man, Cliffy, being arrested for criminal trespass.

Read what Erica had to say about it below.

I honestly appreciate all the love and support from all those who truly care about my wellbeing. At this time I have all my family and friends by my side. – Although it’s no longer a private situation – All I’m asking for is for the media to stop fabricating lies just to make a story more interesting.

I would also like any females from his past to please stop trying to involve themselves by making up lies about trying to be contacted by me.

The last thing I would want is to talk to a little girl about her past involvement with anyone.

With that being said – I’m absolutely going to get through this. And God makes no mistakes. Love Mena ?

Welp. The quickest way to shut down a lie is with the truth.


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