Chris Brown


It’s no secret that Chris Brown fights his demons on a daily basis.

But, his desire to become a better man is one goal he isn’t letting go of.

In a new Instagram post (that will probably be deleted in a few minutes), Breezy acknowledges he has to change his mentality in order to become a better man.

Every step I take will only be to greatness. Learning myself everyday and striving to make a difference. Thriving not surviving.

I can’t make anyone love me or like me but for the people who do, you are highly appreciated and valued. I wanna grow into a great man and take care of my family.

In order for me to change the world I have to change my mentality.

Now, is definitely the time to straighten up and fly right. Especially with a little girl who is looking to him for love and guidance.

I wish you and (your rainbow sherbet hair) well, Chris Brown.

Photo: Instagram