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QUICK QUOTES: 15 Years Later…Shyne Reflects On His 10-Year Prison Sentence – ‘I Have No Regrets!’



Shyne Reflects On His Prison Sentence

15 years ago today (June 1, 2001), Shyne was sentenced to 10 years in prison on charges of attempted murder, assault, and reckless endangerment stemming from the infamous December 1999 nightclub shooting in New York City, where he was partying with Diddy and Jennifer Lopez.

Three people were injured when Shyne allegedly fired shots into the crowd after a fight broke out.

Despite his claims of self-defense, the rapper, who was signed to Bad Boy at the time, had the book thrown at him and served eight years in jail. Once paroled, he was deported to Belize.

Many accused Diddy of leaving Shyne high and dry during the ordeal, but in a post on his Instagram page, the rapper says he did what honorable men do and doesn’t regret a thing.

On June 1st 2001, 15 years ago today I was sentenced
to ten years in prison.
I defended my mentor, my brothers and friends as I should have.
I didn’t get anyone in trouble to get my self out of trouble. I accepted responsibility for my actions.
I repented, I rehabilitated, I redeemed myself!
I did what honorable men do.
I have no regrets!


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