Queen Latifah - Tonight Show - The Wiz Live


Queen Latifah Shares Her Special Connection To “The Wiz Live!

Queen Latifah stopped by “The Tonight Show” to give the scoop on NBC’s live production of the hit Broadway musical, “The Wiz: Live!

Award-winning actress, singer, and rapper shared her special connection to “The Wiz” by revealing she play Dorothy in seventh grade and now she’s come full circle as The Wiz.


Queen Latifah - The Wiz Live!
Credit: Paul Gilmore/NBC

“I played Dorothy in seventh grade,” Queen Latifah shared.

She went on to add, “I could sing the song, but I was big and ain’t look nothing like Dorothy. But, I could sing ‘Home.’ I sang ‘Home,’ which is like the big song that Stephanie Mills…who is in ‘The Wiz.’ STEPHANIE MILLS…OH MY GOD, who played Dorothy on Broadway is in it.”

Queen Latifah gushed, “One day I could be The Wiz starring alongside Stephanie Mills!?”

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