Pooch Hall's Daughter With Cerebral Palsy Graduates From High School

Pooch Hall’s Daughter Graduates From High School

Pooch Hall is the proudest father on the planet because his daughter, Djanai, who has cerebral palsy, graduated from high school on Friday.

The “Ray Donovan” star gushed on his Instagram page about his beautiful daughter and how doctors didn’t give her long to live.

He added that he doesn’t want your sympathy. He’s sharing his family’s story to remind everyone to count their blessings and to live each day as if it’s your last.

Yoooo… lemme just stress how proud we are of our oldest daughter… Djanai for graduating class of #2016 … some Doctors didn’t give her that long. But she did it… I’m so proud of her and love my family so much… Now here’s a graduation pic that is something my wife @shortyrockstar and l wanted to share with y’all.

Being parents of a child born developmentally delayed with cerebral palsy we are in aww of her strength, happiness, beauty and focus… I don’t want sympathy, I want each and every one of us to recognize we are blessed beyond words and we should count our blessings and live everyday as if it was our last.

Allow God, happiness, faith and greatness guide us. Love my fam… and congrats to all the #2016 graduates able body handicapped and ppl in the the struggle… Pooch Hall

Pooch’s wife, Linda, shared Djanai’s senior pic. She’s beautiful!



Congratulations Djanai!