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PROUD MAMA: Fantasia’s Daughter Zion Graduates From High School

Grammy Award-winning singer Fantasia is so proud as her daughter, Zion Barrino, graduates from high school. Get the scoop and see pics.

Fantasia is beaming with pride because her first-born, Zion Barrino, graduated from high school.

(Raise your hand if you feel old! 🙋🏾‍♀️)

The Grammy Award-winning singer posted a photo of herself, Zion and Zion’s daddy with the caption:

Proud Parents @onlyzion_ I’m So Very Proud Of you.

She also added:

Zion ❤️ You changed my Life, you made all things right and at the time when most thought it was the End-for me when I became pregnant. It was really the beginning of a Beautiful Journey and now Look at “you” look at that smile. #proudmom

See Fantasia’s original posts below.


Congratulations Grad!

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