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PROUD GRANDPA: Peter Thomas Shows Off His Adorable Twin Grandsons

"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Peter Thomas may have lost his wife, but he's gained two twin grandsons.


Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Peter Thomas may have lost his wife, but he’s gained two twin grandsons.

Peter is over the moon after his daughter, Porsche Thomas and her hubby, welcomed twin boys.

August and Berlin arrived on 1/7/17 at 8:29am and 8:31am.

The proud grandpa posted this video following their births:


Then, Peter shared the photo above of his grandsons and gushed:

How BEAUTIFUL ARE MY GRANDCHILDREN, two beautiful boys, two more reason for me to get up in the morning with GOD help, AUGUST AND BERLIN.

See more of August and Berlin below.


Check out their adorable nursery!



Congrats to the happy family!

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