Ice Cream Convos is super excited to announce we are giving away 10 copies of Anadia Darden‘s new book, “Project Nimrod.

About The Book:

Hunter Stevens’ social life hangs on by a thread as he is forced to deal with loss while scrambling to save his status as a student-athlete.

Drowning in the tumultuous waters of middle school’s vicious deep end while dealing with the loss of a loved one, Hunter quickly finds that it’s sink or swim and with his grades slipping, everything’s on the line. When put to the test, would Hunter pay the ultimate price – kissing his video games and free time goodbye, or would he find a way to piece it all together and win the day?

At any cost, this life lesson was proving to be the toughest project of his life!

A story of decision-making and emotional resilience, “Project Nimrod” is a captivating Black boy joy middle-grade novel (8-12 year-olds) written to be enjoyed by all genders and ages.

A Special Message From Author Anadia Darden:

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Winners will be notified by Friday, June 18.