Principal Suspends Teacher's Aide For 5 Days Without Pay For 'Inappropriate' Yawn
Marie Desforges | Instagram

A teacher’s aide at a Brooklyn school was suspended by the principal for five days without pay for yawning “inappropriately.”

In a disciplinary letter, Marie Desforges, the head of PS 328 in Brooklyn, told Edsheda Brown, “You yawned loud enough for me to hear you while I was walking down the hallway.”

The letter went on to accuse Brown of being insubordinate. “You stated to me, ‘What, that is how I yawn,’” Desforges wrote.

Via NY Post:

Brown, who has two kids and earns $24,688 a year, had started work at 8 a.m. and the staff meeting came after kids had gone home.

In suspending Brown, Desforges also berated the aide for another incident: “hanging out in a teacher’s classroom, conversing and eating lunch.” The principal’s letter charged that Brown “interrupted the instructional time of students.”

But it was nap time and the kindergartners were sleeping when Brown joined several teachers huddled over their sack lunches, said a teacher who was in the room.

“There was as no instruction going on,” that teacher said.

In another odd incident, Desforges called 911 on Feb. 13 to have veteran teacher Kindra Holloway removed. Four cops came to ask the petite teacher to leave, which she did.

Chile…I would use those five days of suspension to update my resume and go on a few job interviews.