Real P’s move in silence like pneumonia!

Prince has been hit with a new lawsuit after he teamed up with Judith Hill to record her debut album and released it online…absolutely FREE.

On Monday, the royal one and the season 3 contestant of “The Voice,” who has sang backup for the likes of Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, released Back In Time.

The album, featuring 11 songs, was recorded at Prince’s Paisley Park and released as a free download via Live Nation.

Prince announced the album by sharing an adorable photo of Judith as a little girl with a special note attached.


Judith Hill - Back In Time


Sorry 2 bother U.

Just wanted 2 send U this
baby picture of Judith Hill with Her 1st piano.

Loox like her parents, who r also musicians- had a plan.
Well, that plan succeeded.

This is Judith Hill’s debut album BACK IN TIME.

Please spend some time with this music and then share it with someone U love.

While I appreciate the free download…because Judith is an incredible singer, SONY and Jolene Cherry are livid!

According to TMZ, Cherry and SONY signed Judith Hill to an exclusive recording deal. But, she slid off to Paisley Park to make her dreams of working with Prince a reality!

SONY and Jolene Cherry have hired Larry Stein to file a lawsuit against Prince for regular damages in addition to punitive damages for being sneaky.