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Draya Michele & Orlando Scandrick Split Again & She's Spilling Tea – 'Imma Do Better At Life!'

A photo posted by Draya Michele (@drayamichele) on


Draya Michele shared the photo above with the caption:

I’ve been hurt, abandoned, lied on, and disrespected. I’ve realized you can’t change people.. And the thing about rough times is, I’ve survived every single one. Today is a celebration for me…. I’ve made 6 months…. And I’m ok rejoicing alone. I have a son and another on the way, soon to be surrounded by 2 kings. Protectors.

When someone asked what happened Draya gave the scoop saying:

Nahhhh just wen they want to go to Vegas and act like whores for the weekend and act like a d**k the week before to force you to break up with them. It’s a pattern. I gotta do better.

She told another fan:

I left. Gave back the ring and left…. He just deleted photos.

When another fan asked why she’s divulging all of her personal drama online, Draya responded:

I honestly have to…. to avoid being embarrassed by the behavior he displays on these breaks. At least I can say “we were broken up” when he ends up on some groupie tales or whatever. It’s like insurance. Imma do better at life. Sorry I let so many down.

The sad part is the only person she’s letting down is herself…and her unborn child.

The fact that Draya said she has to tell her personal business as “insurance” during their “breaks” speaks volumes to her self-esteem and she has every intention on taking him back when he’s done doing him.

Bless her heart.

Your thoughts?

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