A pregnant bride carrying twins and her father were shot multiple times on Sunday when her new husband’s ex-wife set it off on their wedding day.

According to reports, the groom’s ex-wife saw a post on Facebook about the wedding and came to their home with two goons and guns in tow.


Police say the 25-year-old ex-wife had seen a social media post about the marriage and showed up at the party, confronting the new bride, along with two other men.

“She approached the new wife. There was some type of altercation or fight. As that escalated, some of the males in the crowd – at least two – pulled out handguns,” Lt. John Walker said.

As more than one dozen bullets came blasting toward his daughter, 74-year-old Frederick Waring jumped in front of her, taking the impact of 10 bullets.

The bride was shot twice, once in the hip and once in the leg.

Waring is in critical condition, but police feel the father’s act saved his daughter and the lives of her unborn twins. The woman’s gunshot wounds don’t appear to be affecting the babies’ health.

Police are searching for the husband’s ex-wife and the men who shot at the pregnant bride.

“Can’t control their emotions and anger, but they bring a weapon into the game and it changes lives. You’ve got a 74-year-old guy here who’s fighting for his life and a daughter who’s pregnant who could have clearly been killed and had two kids killed at the same time,” Walker said.

10 rounds into the father and 2 rounds into the bride?! They were trying to murder a pregnant woman!

Please send up prayers for Mr. Waring, who sacrificed himself for his daughter and unborn grandchildren.

If you have any information on the shooting, please call Philadelphia Police.