Domonique Scott, who starred in TLC’s short-lived reality series, “The Sisterhood” has been sentenced to one year in prison for forgery.

In 2013, a Fulton County grand jury charged Domonique with first-degree forgery and three counts of giving false statements in order to qualify for money from a federal tutoring program.

According to prosecutors, Scott submitted bogus documents purporting false assets and liabilities related to the ownership of a tutoring company that allegedly only existed on paper in an attempt to qualify for the federal Supplemental Education Services tutoring program.

Scott sent to the state Department of Education a false balance sheet, a false statement of net income, a program summary showing a false start date for her company and a forged letter from a fictitious bank representing a non-existent cash line of credit, prosecutors said.

Scott’s company was hired to tutor students in DeKalb, Clayton, Bibb, Richmond and Muscogee counties as a result of the fraudulent documents. The federal program eventually dropped Scott’s company, prosecutors said.

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