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Glory wrote:

Thank You Everyone for being Prayer Warriors over the last couple of days . . . I am a little over 24 weeks (6 Months) pregnant and I have been in a lot of pain last week (not knowing I was Having Contractions). So I called my doctor and he said for me to come in as quick as possible to make sure I wasn’t in Pre-term Labor. We did some testing and two routine ultrasounds. If you look closely, Baby A has almost kicked through my Cervix, attempting to break my water. The doctors visit I thought I had, Quickly turned into Emergency Cervical Cerclage Surgery in a matter of minutes. The Cerclage Stitch attempts close my Cervix back until I am further along, preventing the babies from being able to break my water sooner then they are supposed to. Unfortunately we still have to control the contractions to make sure I don’t go into labor today, tomorrow, or any point before I hit 32 weeks when we can deliver. On a positive note, I finally got released home from the hospital, My contractions are mild, and I’m with my family and best friend that flew into 5 minutes before all this CRAZINESS started. The Babies and I are FINE for now. Continue to Keep Us In Your Prayers! Love You Guys!!! ??????

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