Omar Epps’ Son Amir Hospitalized In ICU

Omar Epps‘ eight-year-old son, Amir, was hospitalized on Christmas Eve and has spent the last three days in the intensive care unit.

Amir, who celebrated his eighth birthday on Christmas Day, was able to take his first steps with his oxygen tank and his father’s assistance on Saturday.

Keisha Epps didn’t disclose why Amir was hospitalized, but she said she hopes Amir will be able to walk today without his oxygen so they can take their baby home.

Keisha also praised her daughters for being so loving, understanding, and selfless as they spent Christmas Day in the hospital with their brother.

This is what LOVE and family look like when you’re in the hospital visiting your brother in ICU on Christmas Day which is also his birthday! I LOVE our daughters for being understanding&so LOVING & supportive.The nurses for having compassion&caring.We did not have our traditional Christmas this year but we had one that will be memorable for us all.Been in the hospital with our son since last night.Today we were blessed enough to bring his birthday and Christmas to him.Our girls went through half the day not opening not one present so they could share the moment with their brother.The smiles we got LIT our hearts.I’m grateful so very grateful and honored to be blessed with the family that I have.This is what life is really about when things go left.You find the good no matter what.Sooooo tonight daddy and mommy will be camping out again.He is LIFTED.Thank you God for YOUR SON and OUR SON.?❤️ #HappyHolidays #LetYourHeartBeLight Happy 8th Birthday Amir-we LOVE you so much Prince❤️

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Please send up a prayer for total healing for Amir.

Thank you ICC friends for your prayers. Keisha Epps happily reported Amir has been released from the hospital and is doing well.

God is so good!

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