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PRAYERS UP: Lil Scrappy Undergoes Surgery

Rapper and reality TV star Lil Scrappy heads into surgery after being involved in a terrible car accident. Get the scoop.

Lil Scrappy to undergo surgery

Lil Scrappy is still hospitalized after he was seriously injured in a car accident in Aventura, Florida, that left his friend, Ca$ino Roulette, in ICU.

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While hospitalized, Scrappy has been giving his fans updated on his progress via social media and has praised his mother, Momma Dee, and his wife, Bambi, for staying by his side, their support and unconditional love.

On Friday morning, the rapper had to undergo surgery. Bambi took to Instagram and wrote:

???? morning surgery for @reallilscrappy … thanks for all the prayers ??????


???? morning surgery for @reallilscrappy … thanks for all the prayers ??????

A post shared by ✨The Bam✨ (@adizthebam) on

Bambi didn’t go into detail about the surgery, but it may be for Scrappy’s injured foot.

Video footage of the car accident has been released and it’s quite disturbing.

Scrappy says sleep deprivation caused him to fall asleep behind the wheel. The good news is he will not face criminal charges.

Wishing Lil Scrappy and Ca$ino Roulette a speedy recovery.

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