Tyrese Undergoes 3-Hour Surgery

Tyrese Undergoes Surgery

Tyrese has been added to our Sick and Shut In List after undergoing a 3-hour surgery on Monday.

It’s unclear what the surgery was for, but the photo he shared on social media of him and his sweet daughter, Shayla, would give you the impression he’s on his death bed.

Before surgery, the actor and singer wrote:

The number 11 is my lucky number so I already feel blessed….. Headed into surgery am I nervous? Yeah I am, I won’t lie…… So I had to spend some time with the little homie Roman……. Prayer warriors as I always pray for you….. Send me your most sincere prayers….. amen…. just quickly went through my phone and dropped in a few people and things I love…….. enjoy your day…. to GOD be the glory for his continued presence and love………….. Father God I see you and I love you!!!

After his surgery, Tyrese returned to social media with this post:

By my side…….. My Amazing wife and Daughter has been by my side every step of the way…. When it comes down to the real stuff no one is ever there but family…… Father God I thank you for your extended grace and mercy 3 hour surgery I made it through………. I was in the middle of my procedure during the eclipse, I hope one day I figure out exactly what that meant….. I appreciate your prayers and energy, God has a way of sometimes forcing us to slow down…. When I get up? I feel like I’m about to change the world…….. #PrayerWarriors I feel your love…… thank you! #MyLastPost #RecoveryMode

I know Tyrese can be as annoying as a fruit fly at a barbecue, but I will send up a prayer for him and I wish him a speedy recovery.

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