Charli Baltimore Contracts Rare Bone Infection

Charli Baltimore Contracts Rare Bone Infection

Charli Baltimore revealed she is battling a rare bone infection.

The raptress broke her leg two months ago, underwent surgery and unfortunately contracted a very rare and deadly bone infection that ate through her incisions down to her bone.

In a lengthy post on her Instagram page, Charli opened up about what she describes as something “straight out of a horror movie.”

She also noted how those she expected to be there for her left her hanging and how it taught her a valuable lesson.

Read Charli Baltimore’s post below.

My current situation …having to have IV antibiotics at home thru a special picc IV in my arm that connects into my chest and nurses coming to my house everyday after just spending 22 days in the hospital…undergoing 4 additional surgeries back to back and a blood transfusion after getting a super rare bone infection, that according to statistics only 2 out of 10,000 people that have had surgery on a broken bone contract….The infection actually ate thru my incisions down to the bone till it was visable!!!

Straight out of a horror movie !!! my post is not for sympathy but only to say I could of lost my leg or possibly my life ..and it’s wild that during those 22 days in the hospital ..people I met maybe once or twice were more worried and checkin on me than some people I’ve helped or known all of my life …of course my day 1’s were there but it’s funny how people disappear when you’re in potentially the worst situation of your life.

So Thank u to everyone that showed me they cared and also thank u to everyone that I would have expected to care but didn’t cause you taught me a valuable lesson…..people’s need of u and love for you can change depending on the circumstances and The real ones will show u what u truly mean to them when ur at your most vulnerable so keep your circle small and tight…. S/o to all my nurses and asst.nurses at Kennedy hospital ….all u guys were the best and kept my spirits up??? of course the docs too but I was in there so damn long I got mega cool with all my nurses lol

Sending up prayers for total healing.