'Power' Star Donshea Hopkins On Raina St. Patrick's Death

Donshea Hopkins Shocked By Her ‘Power’ Character’s Death

Power” fans were stunned and heartbroken when Raina St. Patrick was killed off of the show this past Sunday.

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Donshea Hopkins, the 15-year-old actress, singer, and rapper who played Raina, was just as shocked to find out her character was headed to the crossroads with Uncle Charles y’all.

She told Hot 97:

I feel like this season we became more attached to Raina because we got to see her grow and develop more…especially this season.

And then, it was like that – I was like REALLY??! C’mon?!?

I was definitely sad. I was a little heartbroken for a while. Not heartbroken, but it felt surreal.

I was definitely not expecting it.

Watch her interview below.

I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next for Donshea.

Check her out getting busy at The Source’s 360 Conference.

We’ll miss you, Raina!

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