POWER: 50 Cent, Omari Hardwick, Joseph Sikora, & Rotimi Cover VIBE Magazine

POWER- 50 Cent, Omari Hardwick, Joseph Sikora, & Rotimi Cover VIBE Magazine


Hold my mule, Jesus!

Power” stars Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Omari Hardwick, Joseph Sikora, and Rotimi are serving “a gangsta and a gentleman” realness on the June 2016 issue of VIBE magazine.

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Inside their cover story, the fellas talk about their characters, loyalty, and of course, power.

Read a few excerpts below.

Omari Hardwick on loyalty:

Omari Hardwick’s definition of loyalty would definitely be if you’ve been down for me when it was really rough, if you checked for me when I was trying to figure out the terrain of that heavy-ass mountain and how to get up, if not to the top at least somewhat to a satisfactory place, then I’m rocking with you for life. Once you got me, you got me. Ghost, his definition is a little bit more self-serving.

Joseph Sikora on his character connecting with the black community:

My parents were in civil rights. I can’t say I progressed in the exact same way, but part of it was because of the example of my parents and having African-American people in my life since I was a baby. My heart has never been cold or awkward, or anything. I’ve always had the luxury of knowing that people are people. It’s almost, to me, being anything else would have to be pretend, and people can tell. It just translates. If there was ever any a hint of discomfort with anybody else of a different color skin, I think that would translate on television, especially having a brother that is Omari Hardwick, who is African American. I think that is all it is, and the camera doesn’t lie. People pick up on that stuff.

Rotimi on Dre earning Ghost’s trust:

In every situation, Ghost is standoffish to Dre because he knows what he’s capable of. He also knows he also worked with Kanan, so he can’t be fully trusted, but Ghost also knows that he needs him, and he’s shown that he can stand up by putting a gun to Tommy’s head in time. Ghost sees elements of himself in Dre, and that’s why he doesn’t trust him.

Curtis Jackson on the difference between 50 Cent and Kanan:

It’s an extreme difference because Kanan is on one track. It’s just the hustler, street mentality. Those laws apply to Kanan, and he’s a guy that’s been incarcerated and hasn’t made any adjustments during that time frame; he just got more advanced at the criminal behavior, slicker energy. It’s no difference between the CEO of a corporate company and Kanan. He sees an option of acquiring your business by killing you. That cold-blooded instinct is in that guy who’s in the corporate space because he doesn’t care if everyone in your organization doesn’t have any way to eat. You see what I’m saying? The laws of what you do and don’t do in that lifestyle are very basic, and you learn really fast. The requirements aren’t very much.

See more fantastic pics from the fellas’ cover shoot on page 2.

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