K. Michelle brand ambassador Jack Daniels


Listen! Dreams really do come true. I’ve been a Jack Daniels drinker for years. When I got my record deal I told Atlantic Records that I really wanted an endorsement with this company. I stayed focused on battling my demons and becoming a better woman. Out of no where 2 years later I got the call that Jack was interested in me becoming their new brand ambassador. Today history was made. I am the 1st African American ever to be endorsed by this amazing brand. What makes it even better is that this company is really focused on diversity and race relations. They actually care! I love everything they stand for! I’m so honored to be apart of this family. They never judged me once for my past, but embraced the woman I’ve become. Just a great family driven business. Can’t wait for you guys to see what I have in store???

Congratulations to K. Michelle.

Now, if only I could get this plum wine endorsement….

Photos: Instagram

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