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On Monday, Gwinnett County Police announced they have launched an investigation into an incident involving V-103’s Wanda Smith, her husband, LaMorris Sellers, and comedian Katt Williams.

LaMorris was hot as fish grease after Katt roasted his wife during an interview on the “Frank and Wanda In The Morning Show” on Friday.

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Sellers confronted the comedian and they got into a verbal altercation.

Katt Williams told police during their argument LaMorris pulled a gun on him and pointed it in his face.

That’s when Katt and his security guard fled to a nearby Food Depot.

When police spoke to LaMorris Sellers he stated that Katt was arguing with Wanda Smith and wanted to fight her.

He also claims he had a gun, but never pointed it at anyone. LaMorris claims the gun fell out of his waistband while he was chasing Katt.

Surveillance shows LaMorris chasing Katt into the grocery store, but police say you can’t see whether or not he pulled the gun in the video.

Katt Williams declined to press charges, but the investigation is ongoing.

A mess!

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