The white woman who went viral last month after she was caught on video berating her black neighbor has been charged by police for her foolishness.

Susan Westwood of Charlotte, North Carolina, was charged on Saturday with misusing 911, communicating threats and simple assault.

The 51-year-old racist appeared to be drunk when she went on a tirade at the Camden Fairview apartment complex on October 19.

Westwood approached two black women as they stood outside waiting for AAA to arrive to assist them because they were having car trouble.

The drunkard began to belittle them by asking if they lived there, if they were there to see their “baby daddy,” and she went on to gloat about her $125,000 salary and the fact that she’s white and hot.

Watch below.



Susan Westwood is now unemployed.

A spokesman for Spectrum confirmed Westwood was terminated last month after the incident for a “blatant violation” of the company’s code of conduct.

Susan said she’s “hot” and “white.” Well, she’s also “unemployed” and “cased up.”

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