Plies ran off on the plug twice, but he’ll stick around for Angela Yee.

The rapper took to social media on Monday and shared an extensive and heartfelt appreciation post for Angela Yee of the wildly popular morning show, “The Breakfast Club.”

It’s no secret that Plies and Angela are good friends, but this post felt different.

The rapper wrote:

People often ask why I admire you so much. You make it hard to route against you.

Your Independency, relentless work ethic and ability to maneuver thru a male dominated industry w/o sacrificing your dignity, class and integrity is remarkable to say the least.

U come from humble beginnings and thru hard work and dedication you have stacked your portfolio to unmeasurable heights and your entrepreneurship is second to known.

U pursuing your dreams at a time where women tear down women at a enormous rate & men clout chasin at all time high. You’re the only person in this industry that I’ve never told “NO” ?.

Your “Dopeness” shines bright and God got his hands on you, continue to set the bar high and not waiver from your principles. I’m honored to join you in Houston Tx on Tues. Nov. 5th on your “Lip Service Tour”…. Have my liquor ready!!!! ? Houston Get Your Tickets Now It’s Up Dere!!!

O yeah and never change cause if you do ain’t coming to Houston!!!! ? #angelayee #Plies #BossFriends #Drip4Sale #RanOffOnDaPlugTwice #Rock? #BihImALegend

See his original post below.

Well…that was niiiiice. Your thoughts?

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