Antonio Cromartie - Terricka Cromartie baby shower

Terricka & Antonio Cromartie Host CrosNest-Themed Baby Shower

Over the weekend, Antonio Cromartie and his lovely wife, Terricka, hosted a CrosNest-themed baby shower to celebrate the forthcoming arrival of their twins.

The New York Jets player and father of 10 made headlines after his wife announced they were expecting twins AFTER he had a vasectomy.

Antonio Cromartie – NY Jets Baller & Father Of 10 Expecting Twins AFTER Having A Vasectomy!

Terricka, who is now 34 weeks, took to her Instagram page to thank everyone who attended the shower.

What an amazing Day celebrating our Twins today. #crosnestshower was amazing and beautiful. Everything I imagined and more. Thank you everyone who attended and flew in to celebrate with us.. We love you #Thecromarties #crosnestshower

She also gave an updated on the twins.

Antonio Cromartie - Terricka Cromartie pregnant twins-1

Good Morning Church, 1st Given Honor to God, the Pastor and the pulpit ? lol… So many of you left comments on the gram about how big I have gotten and yes I’ve gotten big in these last couple of weeks but not that big ??? I think my dress made me look bigger than I am.. But happy with my progress 175lbs, 34weeks, no stretch marks, and set for a Natural Delivery, and both babies are 5lbs each, No complaints here.. God Bless everyone xoxo

Congratulations to the happy couple.

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