Keke Palmer is on a cloud after releasing her new book, “I Don’t Belong To You: Quiet the Noise and Find Your Voice.

The “Scream Queens” star gushed about seeing her dream come to fruition:

I have been dreaming of writing a book since I was 13. I starting journaling my spell on how I was to manifest my dreams, telling my story and expressing my faith through that. How my love for God and knowledge has freed me from my human chains. Yet, I still find myself chained, in so many ways yet again by my own habits lol. So funny all the things we think our lives will be like or look like when we reach the destination we think we want when the reality is there will always be “more” depending on how we see it. I say that with a laugh because thankfully my awareness never lets me walk too far off the bridge because I know now to watch my thoughts. I can laugh to myself and say “Yes Keke, you have other things you wish to do. But it’s okay to delight in this moment, you worked hard for this.” And that I did. #IDBTY #IDBTYSQUAD ??✨?

On Thursday (Feb 2), Keke made her way to Aaron Davis Hall at the City College of New York on Thursday for a discussion and book signing.

See pics below.