Kenashia Douglas 26th birthday-Ashanti - Tina Douglas - Ken-Kaide Douglas


Ashanti‘s baby sister, Kenashia Douglas celebrated her 26th birthday with a shindig in New York City on Friday night. Can you believe Shi Shi is 26?!

It was a family affair as Ashanti and her parents, Tina and Ken-Kaide Douglas, also came out to celebrate their baby girl.

Kenashia had a ball as she turned up in her gold jacket with the matching shorts and a black bralette.

Peep a few pics below.


Kenashia Douglas 26th birthday-2

Kenashia Douglas 26th birthday

Kenashia Douglas 26th birthday-1

Kenashia Douglas 26th birthday-Ashanti


Celebrity stylist and fashion maven, June Ambrose accidentally shaded the hell out of Shi Shi when she used a photo of her birthday outfit while promoting her new show, “Save My Style.”


June Ambrose tweet - Save My Style - Kenashia Douglas


The reason why I said June Ambrose “accidentally” shaded Shi Shi is because I honestly doubt she knew her example of a fashion crisis was a photo of Ashanti’s sister. Once it was brought to her attention, June quickly deleted it. June Ambrose doesn’t get down like that.

Shi Shi, who is the owner of her own Dymes Only clothing line, has been known to push the envelop when it comes to choosing fashion that compliments her figure.

Either way, she’s a doll.

Happy Birthday!

Photos: Instagram | Twitter | Nova Lidole of PopMethod