Philando Castile’s Mother Speaks Out

On Friday (June 16), another disheartening acquittal was handed down for the Minnesota police officer who shot and killed Philando Castile during a traffic stop.

The 12-person jury consisting of ONE black man and ONE black woman heard two weeks of testimony and spent about 27 hours deliberating before reaching a verdict.

Via the NY Times:

Jeronimo Yanez, of all charges in shooting, which happened in July 2016 and left Mr. Castile dead, raising the national debate over police conduct toward black people. Officer Yanez, an officer for the suburb of St. Anthony, had been charged with second-degree manslaughter and endangering safety by discharging a firearm in the shooting.

The verdict was announced in a tense courtroom here late Friday afternoon, after five days of deliberations, and the officer was led quickly out of the courtroom, as were the 12 jurors. Mr. Castile’s family, which had nervously watched the proceedings from the front row, abruptly left as well.

Philando’s mother took to Facebook to express her outrage after the verdict.

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