Diamond Reynolds - Black Ink - Philando Castile
@Son.of.a.Fitch Instagram

Diamond Reynolds Gets Philando Castile Memorial Tattoo At Black Ink

Diamond Reynolds, the girlfriend of police shooting victim, Philando Castile, stopped by Black Ink 125th to get a tattoo in his honor.

Black Ink owner Ceaser took to Instagram to express his gratitude for choosing his shop to have her memorial tattoo done.

I want to thank the widow of #PhilandoCastile for coming to @blackink.125th and let us do your memorial tattoo for her MURDERED husband . My only regret is that we was stuck at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors and not doing your tattoo, but I made sure my crew rolled out the red carpet for you. S/o to my shop manger @son.of.a.finch for was being professional and giving all our clients the best experience ever #Justice4Philando #blacklivesmatter #unity #blackink

Diamond Reynolds - Black Ink - Philando Castile
@BlackInk.125th Instagram


Rose, a manager at Black Ink, also shared her experience meeting Diamond.

My name is Rose, I work at Black Ink as a Manager. The opinions expressed here are my own and do not reflect Black Ink.) There are Moments when God will sit you down and put the pain of others right in front of you. Last night the family of Philando Castile came to Black Ink to permanently remember him. Philando Castile was an innocent man shot to death by a police officer in Minnesota, in front of his girlfriend and their daughter. We know of this tragedy because of a woman named Diamond who recorded it live on Social Media. Make no mistake that had she not recorded this, not only would we not know, she may not be alive today to tell her story. For hours we talked and we cried but most of all even though it hurt me deeply, I had to listen. Me and @son.of.a.finch listened to her grief, how much she misses the love of her life, how she is being attacked by people in our community, how she will raise her daughter as a single parent. It is time that we unite. It is time that black people stop attacking those who are grieving but have to stay strong enough to tell the world her story. We must come around those who are survivors and embrace them, not cut them down for getting their hair done to appear on national television to tell her story. She deserves a beautiful hair do. She deserves a beautiful hug. Most of all she deserves our attention and ears. She deserves OUR attention and our ears. She is now a face of this movement, and she will ALWAYS have our full respect and support. We want Justice for Philando Castile. We want justice for her and her daughter. We want Justice for all those who were taken too soon. #justiceforphilandocastile❤ #philandocastile #blackinkcrew #blackink #nomoreviolence #love #spreadlove #unity

Sending love, support, and prayers to Diamond and the Castile family.