‘Newly Single’ Phaedra Parks Flirts, Kisses, & Bends Over For Shemar Moore On ‘WWHL’ (Video)

Phaedra Parks is single and ready to mingle…with Shemar Moore!

The newly divorced “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star and the actor were guests on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live!” on Sunday night and they put on quite a show.

Shemar has a way with the ladies and Phaedra was putty in his hands. Especially after they shared a kissed and he licked her neck!

Watching Phaedra squirm in her seat was pure entertainment! The southern belle was waving her freak flag high!

When one caller asked if they were going to see each other after the show because she can feel their chemistry. Phaedra chimed in saying, “Oh, I can feel it too!

Shemar responded saying, “She gone be 7 and a half inches bigger in her life!

Watch the clips below.

A photo posted by Isis Clark (@globalwoo) on

Listen here…Phaedra went hard in the paint last night!

I’m looking to see if she’s 7 and a half inches bigger…

Your thoughts?

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