Rapper Drama arrested for threatening to blow up Phaedra Parks law office

Phaedra Parks Defends Drama

Phaedra Parks is speaking out in defense of her “good friend” Drama, who was arrested last week for allegedly threatening to blow up the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star’s office.

According to Phaedra, Drama came to her office to drop off his new CD when a receptionist racially profiled him and called security. The rapper refused to leave and reportedly told security, “I have a bomb CD. It’s about to blow up.”

When security asked Drama if he had anything else to blow up, he responded, “I got that bomb a** CD in the car.”

Police immediately descended upon the office building, evacuated it to make sure it was safe, and arrested Drama.

Rapper Drama Arrested For Threatening To Bomb Phaedra Parks’ Law Office

Drama, who is best known for his 1999 single, “Left, Right, Left,” is still in custody on charges of terrorist threats.

Phaedra thinks they saw a black man with baggy clothes and gold teeth and automatically assumed the worst.

She did admit he used a poor choice of words during his exchange with security and she has referred him to a criminal attorney.

With all due respect…this is the worst spin on a narrative ever.

A “bomb CD?” Oh…okay.



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