Petey Pablo spoke to “The Breakfast Club” on Friday morning to set the record straight on what led to his appearance on “Empire.”

The scoop on the street is Petey gave Terrence Howard $200 when he was in a jam. Years later, Terrence allegedly repaid his debt by giving the rapper a role on “Empire” and $15,000!

But, according to Petey Pablo, the rumors are totally untrue.

The reason he [Terrence Howard] gave me $15,000…he said was because he was at a point in his life that I had no idea. I just looked and assumed.

Look, I’m a good dude. I’m a goon and a gorilla, but at the end of the day…I’m a good-hearted dude and I do things for people that I would want them to do for me.

And he just said that I had no idea and it was his way of saying thank you. He said, ‘Now that we got that out of the way, I need a favor. I need you on this show.’

That’s not Terrence’s show. Terrence is a part of the show. But, ‘Empire’ paid me the money I got paid to be on the show.

Uhhh, sounds like the rumors were kinda true to me. Moving right along….

Petey said he gave Terrence the $200 when they ran into each other at the Four Seasons years ago because he had lost his wallet, which had all of his credit cards, I.D., and his cash.

The rapper made it very clear that it was NOT a loan. He simply didn’t want the actor walking around without any money in his pocket.

Petey’s generosity returned to him 10 fold as he had a huge cameo on episode 2 of “Empire” as Clyde, an inmate in the clink with Lucious Lyon.

Ironically, Petey was just released from jail in March 2014.

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