Peter Thomas Leaving “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” To Save His Marriage

It looks like Kim Fields isn’t the only one exiting “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Peter Thomas is turning in his peach before it destroys his marriage.

In an exclusive, profanity-laced convo with Straight From The A, Peter expressed responded to Porsha Williams‘ accusations that he’s cheating on his wife, Cynthia Bailey, with 19-year-olds in Atlanta.

I don’t know where that comes from!  At the reunion, I told her I’d pay her $10,000 if she’d produce a list of all the women that I’ve slept with.  Because I’d like to know who they also.

Since I’ve been married to my wife, I haven’t cheated on my wife with anyone.  I happen to be old fashioned and actually am in love with my wife.

Peter Thomas went on to say he’s going to gracefully bow out of reality TV because those shows are created to destroy marriages, not empower them.

Those shows are created to destroy marriage, not to empower marriage… so I’m choosing to bow out.  That’s my choice.

This season was so beautiful to me the way it ended…. and I don’t want to f**k that up.

But, it is already too late?

We’ve watched Peter and Cynthia Bailey’s marriage struggle more than Joseline Hernandez reading a novel, but in her latest interview with “Entertainment Tonight” is sounds like she’s ready to throw in the towel.

Only God knows what’s going to happen with that. There’s a point where, if it’s working, we’ll keep going. And if it’s not, then we might not keep going.

Things got really interesting when Cynthia admitted Leon Robinson is her real soul mate.

Leon and I are soul mates. We just connected on a level that I never connected with anyone before … as you can see on the show, I think it comes through that we do have this great relationship.

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