Peter Gunz Wants You To Know His Kids Aren't On Welfare

Peter Gunz Wants You To Know His Kids Aren’t On Welfare

Peter Gunz took to social media to defend himself after fans swooped down on him for getting Tara Wallace pregnant again while he’s still married to Amina Buddafly.

On Monday night, Tara and Amina took their beef to the streets of Twitter firing shots at each other while Pete the Creep chilled in the cut on silent mode.

Now, “Love & Hip Hop” star, who is already a proud father of 8, is taking full responsibility for his actions telling fans, “Can’t help trusting and believing a man you love… Blame me not Tara and Amina.” He added, “But after you blame me f**k off.”

Most importantly, Peter wants you to know he isn’t on child support and none of his kids are on welfare.

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