Peebles & T-Boz Trade Shade

Welp. T-Boz and Pebbles won’t be meeting at the local Golden Corral to reminisce about the old days over a plate of rotisserie chicken.

On Thursday, the TLC singer posted a video on her Instagram page where she recalled the time her manager had her staying at a “retirement home staycation” and only gave them $5 to eat at Ralphs.

#TrueStory In My Book #ASickLife I told about a story when Lisa & I were stuck in this retirement home staycation because a CERTAIN manager wouldn’t let us stay with the other artist so we could be around guys! So they puts us up there and we’re hungry and ask for $5 a pc WELL u gotta read the book to hear the REST☺️ I happened to pass that hotel and Ralph’s today bcuz I’ll NEVER forget #tboz#tbeezy #tlc #tlcarmy #lefteye #lisa#thefuhhhhh

T-Boz, who is promoting her new book, “A Sick Life,” told fans they can scoop and read the book to get all the deets.

See her video below.

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When Pebbles caught wind of T-Boz’s shady recollection, she took to Twitter to let everyone know she is rising above and no weapon formed against her shall prosper.

She also reminded T-Boz defamation of character is very real and advised her to do something productive with her time – subliminally, of course.

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