Nicki Minaj Bows Down To Lauryn Hill

Nicki Minaj completely lost it when she came face-to-face with her idol, Lauryn Hill, at the TIDALx1015 concert on Saturday night.

The Queen of the Barbs bowed down to L Boogie as she proclaimed, “I’m so in love with you!”

In a post on her IG page, Nicki wrote:

Excuse me while I have an outer body experience. Shaking, crying, a MESS!!!! ? this lady is the reason. Omg. The QUEEN. Goddess! The epitome! The bar! The *faints*. Ms Lauryn Hill told me to keep “spittin dat fire”. Is this real life!???? ??????????

Watch Nicki Minaj’s magical moment with Lauryn Hill below.


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Lauryn ripped up the stage during her performance at the TIDALx1015. Peep a clip below.



Yasss! She’s still got it!