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Paul Nixon, the Texas man who was wanted by police for fraudulently divorcing his wife without her knowledge, showed up to turn himself with his new wife by his side.

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The Houston DJ vehemently denies forging his ex-wife’s signature on their divorce papers.

I’m not guilty and I want everybody in Houston to know, that knows me, I wouldn’t do this.

So we’re going to let the courts do their job and I trust the courts that they’re going to see the proof and evidence that we have.

Paul Nixon’s ex-wife is telling a very different story.

She claims he’s a con artist, who not only forged her signature and gave the court a fake address and phone number so that she wouldn’t be notified, but he also left her deep in debt!

I never knew that we were headed toward a divorce. He was living a double life. He posted in May (on Facebook) that he married a pastor.

He forged my signature, stating that I lived in a location I never heard of as well as my phone number. That’s why I was never notified by the court.

He left with thousands of dollars of debt, things in my name, DJ equipment. He has stolen from me.

Edna says she will gladly sign the divorce papers now to get rid of Paul.

A judge did grant Paul Nixon $25,000 bond. He’s due back in court in November.

Watch the news report below courtesy of KPRC 2 Click2Houston:

Do you have any advice for the new Mrs. Nixon?

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