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Yes! It IS trickin’ even if you got it…

Robert Kraft, the owner of the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots, has gotten popped in Florida for soliciting prostitution at a spa and he is being criminally charged.

Via CNBC.com:

Kraft, 77, is one of more than two dozen people being charged in a police sting in Florida, police said.

“He is one of the individuals. That would be Mr. Robert Kraft,” a top police official said at a press conference, where cops also said they had video evidence.

“He is being charged with the same offense as the others, and that is soliciting another to commit prostitution,” the official said.

“There was two incidences,” an official in Jupiter, Fla., said.

I thought Super Bowl winners go to Disney…not the Prostitute Palace.

I knew Robert was nasty by the way he danced on stage with Cardi B.



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