The Patreon page allegedly launched by R. Kelly‘s girlfriend Joycelyn Savage has been shut down.

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On Saturday, Joycelyn took to her Instagram page and announced:

I have Partnered up with @Patreon where I will post daily chapters of my story. Things I am going to reveal that was sweared not to see the day of light — by NDA. I am risking my life for many others. ‪

This story is 18+ and only for mature audience, I want to make sure my story is very detailed as I can remember. My first story “Where It All Started” is out now.

Joycelyn was charging between $3 and $25 for the alleged deets on her relationship with R. Kelly.

Within hours over 1,700 people had paid money for her “truth.”

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While some were salivating over the scandalous details shared on the page, others questioned the validity of her account – including her family. Is this the real Joycelyn Savage or someone scamming gullible people wanting the messy details?

Patreon gave Joycelyn until sundown to prove her identity with a government-issued form of identification. She failed to come through and the page was shut down.

Now, she says she’s taking her tea to YouTube…

Joycelyn Savage

The shenanigans continue…

Source: TMZ