103-Year-Old Woman Banned From Her Church


Rev. Tim Mattox, the pastor who banned a 103-year-old woman from her church home announced he is leaving Mount Grove Baptist Church and taking a few members of the congregation with him.

In September, Genora Hamm Biggs received a certified letter banning her from the church she has called home for over 90 years because she disagreed with him trying to change the doctrine of the baptist church.

[103-Year-Old Woman Banned From Her Church]

When Ms. Biggs attempted to return to her church the following Sunday, they called the police on her, ended service early, turned off all of the lights, and left the elderly woman sitting in the pew alone.

The outrage and blowback was more than the pastor had bargained for.

Rev. Tim Mattox and Glen Jackson, the church deacon, obtained restraining orders against Biggs’ grandson, Elliott Dye, and Shirley Robinson, a former secretary for the church.

When he began receiving death threats, Mattox jumped ship with the quickness, announcing he and other members are just going to leave and start their own church.

“We’ve received death threats, calls in the middle of the night saying, ‘look out of the window…I’m on my way to get you,’” Mattox stated during a press conference.

His attorney, Adrian Patrick, read a statement confirming the pastor’s departure.

“Thus, the actual members of Union Grove Baptist Church are officially leaving the church and disassociating any relationship and membership with the church. We are basically leaving all to Ms. Lenora Hamm Biggs and the other members of that church,” he read.