No weapon formed against Pastor John Gray shall prosper unless it’s an emotional mistress with voicemail receipts.

The embattled pastor has been all over the media and it’s not for doing the Lord’s work. He’s admitted to having an “emotional affair” and he and his wife, Aventer Gray, have been very outspoken about the impact its had on their marriage and how they’re working through it with God’s guidance.

Watch as the couple talks about it on an episode of “The Real.”



The way Aventer cheered when John denied having an affair…

Welp. Something in the water ain’t clean because the woman John was allegedly involved with painted a very different picture of her relationship with the pastor during an interview with Larry Reid.

Trust me when I say its a lot to digest, but she’s very convincing.

Check it out here.

Then, there are the voicemails. In one message, which sounds very much like John Gray, he is hot as fish grease after traveling to Atlanta and being unable to contact his emotional mistress.

He says:

Yo are you like ignoring me now? I’m just trying to make sure. Let me get this straight. I’m being ignored by someone who I have sought to sow seed into, get resources to. I’m in your city and I can’t get a callback. I just wanted to make sure I got my facts straight. Got it!

In another message, he tells ole girl the jig is up because his wife saw their text messages:

When you get this message, delete it. My wife saw our text messages from Friday. She knows you were in the same hotel as me and she does not know that I went to your room. She doesn’t remember me leaving. She’s got your number.

Listen below.



Well…Pastor John Gray took to social media to release a lengthy statement denying ever sleeping with anyone.

He went to say he draws the line at people talking crazy to his wife.

Read his full post below.

The last three months have been the hardest of my life. So many things said about me. Some of it true. Most of it not. I didn’t sleep with anyone. Period. God is my witness. And anyone who I’m accountable to will tell you that when I’m wrong and I’ve been wrong many times-I’ve admitted, repented and moved forward. And I’ve gone to God and faced ME in a way I’ve never done before. And I’m a better man for it.

Some seasons simply teach you a lesson and you move on. But this season was different. People wanted blood. And on the spiritual side the devil wanted to mute me. That will never happen. If I never knew the power of The Blood, I do now. And I’ll always preach Jesus Christ as the power of God to eradicate the penalty of sin for those who choose to fall at the foot of the Cross.

People have said so many things about me-which is peoples right cuz people have their opinions. But I draw the line when people disrespect my wife. I’ve seen comments about her being a gold-digger (I had negative eleven dollars in the bank when we got married. Everything God did He did when we were together), weak (never seen a stronger woman in my life. Her love, grace and strength have kept this family together) and relationally blind (my wife saw me before I saw the true me and STILL CHOSE ME-and CHOOSES ME EACH DAY-in spite of the healing that’s needed because of places in me that were broken that predate her arrival).

So I said all that to say this: if you want to dog me out, call me names, dismiss me as many people have, That’s fine. But keep my wife’s name out of your mouth. She’s been the rock in this family and in my life in spite of me. So try me if you want. But you gon’ honor her. And so am I. And I’ll do so with the rest of my life. I’m fair game. My wife and kids are not. My brokenness is my own. Don’t dishonor the one who loved me through it. Ever. I love you Aventer. #LoveYall #leavemyfamilynameoutofyourmouth #AlsoImNotTalkingAboutNoneOfThisAnymore

See John Gray’s original post below.



Jesus, fix it.

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