Paris Bennett has been getting dragged through the streets of social media after Keke Wyatt not-so-subtly outed her as the mistress her husband, Michael Ford, ran off with.

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The “American Idol” alum took to Instagram Live to set the record straight on a few things – first and foremost – she is NOT a mistress.

Let me just make this clear – I am not a mistress. I’m not a mistress.

I did not know the other party. I did not know the other party past us seeing each other during professional outings, concerts, and award shows.

Paris said she was not Keke’s “friend.”

We were not friends. Friends is a really big word to me. I love my friends.

We were not friends. I did not go to their home. I’ve never been to their home.

The first time I’ve been to their home was in recent. But, I have not been there. We were not friends. That is absolutely not true.

She also praised Keke as a great singer who is underrated.

She is a great singer. I think that she is a fabulous singer. I think that she is very talented. I think that she is underrated.

Yes, I did sing background for her that one time (at the Trumpet Awards) that we can account for. But, I was no background singer.

Paris went on to say she understands why Keke may be upset or feeling some type of way, but she’s praying for her.

I understand and I get it. I’m a woman, first and foremost. So, I understand emotion…I understand that when you are in a relationship and y’all breakup – I’ve been in breakups.

So, when you breakup with someone you’ve spent eons with – years with – I understand that with that comes emotions. I understand that we as women we get emotional and we become bitter and we begin to lash out at what’s the perfect point to lash out to.

I don’t owe this, but me being me and out of the respect for the women who have raised me greatly and have given me the best examples of life and out of respect for my daughter, who I love dearly – this has to be said.

I understand and I sympathize with you all the way. I pray for her strength, I pray for her, I pray for happiness for her. I pray for her being a newlywed now cause she’s newly married.

Lastly, Paris Bennett says she hopes one day they all can be a big happy blended family.

I hope that one day – down the line – we can all pull it together and be a blended family together and do it for our kids.

Cause at the end of the day, all that matters is our children and our careers and that’s that.

I heard a rumor that Paris was expecting, but it has not been confirmed.

Watch the clips below courtesy of The Jasmine Brand:

I’m sure Keke Wyatt ain’t trying to hear NONE of this!

Someone get Mashonda and Alicia Keys on the phone – maybe they can help!

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