Paraplegic Man Who Zip-Tied Strippers & Tasered Them Claims It Was Self-Defense

A paraplegic man, who is accused of zip-tying, stun-gunning, and shooting at strippers in his home on two different occasions, claims it was self-defense.

According to police 31-year-old Johnnie Thompson, who is paralyzed from the waist down, lured strippers to his home by paying them to perform at a party.

However, when the ladies arrived, there was no party and they were attacked!


In one case, Thompson is accused of using zip ties to restrain a woman. Police said he shocked her with a stun gun when she fought back.

“He pulled out a handgun and a Taser and coerced her to his back bedroom, where he had video cameras set up, and computers,” Tappan said. “He forced her to take her clothes off.”

Detectives said Thompson demanded sex, and when the woman refused, he shocked her with the stun gun.

“He fired at her, not once, but twice, in her chest,” Tappan said. “She started to struggle with her captor. He pulled out a handgun and fired two shots at her.”

Police said the woman pushed Thompson out of the room, cut herself free and called 911. She was able to escape through a window.

Officer found the woman partially naked with the prongs from the stun gun still stuck to her chest.

Thompson was arrested and charged with false imprisonment and aggravated assault.

While searching the home that Thompson shares with his parents, police said they found more zip ties and a machete.

Thompson maintains his innocence and claims he was protecting himself after the strippers attacked him.


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